Sunday, September 18, 2016

Disney Vaca 2016 - Day 6: Heading Home!

When your mom tells you that we aren't getting on the "Disney bus" this morning to go to Disney World. I know son, I'm crying on the inside. I have to go back to laundry and dishes you know...

Time for breakfast!
Breakfast PJs!

After breakfast, we packed up our stuff and waited for the bell hop to bring us to the front of the resort. We were going to swim this morning but just ran out of time with check out being at 11. The resort had a nice bus service, loaded up our bags and dropped us off at the front. We just had to call ahead of time to reserve it.

Maybe not a Disney bus, but a cool resort van instead!
So the cool thing about our Magic Your Way Package, is that they checked into our flights for us, had bus tickets ready for us to head back to the air port, had a check in center at the resort where we checked into our flight, got our boarding passes AND said "See ya lata in Houston!" to our luggage. Yep, they took our luggage, tagged it and transported it to the airport for us. All we had to do once we got to the airport was go through security and get to our gate. I mean, pretty sweet set up if you ask me. I'll take that.
When Disney got your like... zzzz... 
So I when I was little, my Dad and I would always find these  penny smashing machines and smash pennies on vacations. I probably have like 20 of these things in my closet at my mom's somewhere... but Jackson saw the machine and wanted to know what it did, so of course we had to show him! He thought it was pretty cool!
Eating snacks and waiting for our bus to get there!
These Disney people know what's going on. Cartoons and toys in the lobby? Why thank you!
We got to sit on the front row because we were the last getting on the bus, and Jackson thought that was pretty cool.

We got to the airport, went through a horrible security check line... I usually don't complain about security because I'm thankful we have security with all the crazies out there these days but it was just plain ridiculous today... an officer sent us through the handicap line because of our stroller (don't EVER do that people...just wait through the normal line and take your kids out of the stroller and carry them through or let them walk through) and it was sadly just so disorganized and not nearly enough workers to help those poor people through the line. They were having to get in and out of their wheel chairs and try to organize their belongings... it was just chaos. At one point a worker had separated Jackson from Jude and me and my Mama Bear almost took over...she pushed Jackson through the metal detector towards the people ahead of us and was making me stay on the other side to wait?!?! What in the world?! Please let me THREE year old stay with me and not be kidnapped by some random person on the other side where I can't get to him! I told her to send him back to me and after she looked at me like I was an idiot and completely inconveniencing her she did... it was just so disorganized and took way too long, blood sugars were dropping... probably the lowest point of our trip! eek! Anyway, sorry for the rant... moving on to passing time before our flight. Also, thank you Hobby Airport for having a great security terminal because we never have issues like this there. :)

Watching some Blaze!

Not a bad set up if you ask me... cartoons, toys and chicken nuggets? Toddler life is the life.
Just watching some plane traffic. 
Finally got to board! Here we come Houston!
When you are JUST. READY. TO. BE. HOME.

Guess we know who he learned this from now.
Jude man likes looking out the window.
When you are trying to keep a toddler entertained... you take silly selfies.
Snoozing away...

So that is our trip to Disney World! I'm so glad you could join us on our adventures! Traveling is near and dear to my heart, I love to go and I love to talk about going! We definitely had ups and downs on our trip, but it was so worth going and spending time with my sweet family. In November, we will be taking a cruise with my parents so hopefully I will be able to share our adventures about that too! Check out my traveling tab above for my posts on other trips we have taken in the past!

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