Sunday, July 31, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!! I named it "Sweet Strawberries" because they are my absolute favorite!! I just thought I'd use this to chat about different things such as yummy recipes, awesome Bible verses, crafty hobbies or maybe just some other random thing going on!! I always find it fun to see what other people think about different topics and get advice about homey stuff so maybe that's what this will turn out to be. I guess we'll see!! Obviously it is still a work in progress!! :0)

I thought I'd also introduce my spunky side-kick, my little pup labaradoodle named Jacey!! She is about 10 months old and basically follows me around curious about whatever I am doing!! She'll probably have input from time to time so it'd be good for you to know who she is. :0) 

I hope everyone has a super awesome week!! Hope to see you back soon!! :0)