Saturday, July 16, 2016

Corpus Christi, TX - June 2016: Day 3

Well, I told you that mosquito bite would come back to bite us. (hehe, did you get that??) So Jackson woke up Monday morning with his whole ankle and leg swollen... and what does any mother do?? Panic for a quick second and then jump on Yelp to find an urgent care to take him to. This has happened before, just from scratching I guess and I was afraid of it turning into cellulitis which leads to staph... you don't mess round with that kind of stuff. 

My favorite part about this whole escapade was how the nurse tried to take Jackson's blood pressure for about 15 minutes (still never got it) and then the doctor basically told me that this wouldn't have happened if I would have given him benedryl immediately after he got the bug bite... Really, does any other parent do that every single time their kid gets a bug bite?? I kind of shot some darts out of my eyes and then just told the lady at the front that it probably wasn't a good idea to make a momma feel like she's wasting her time with her kid... don't mess with mama bear. My favorite quote was, "I guess I can give you an antibiotic if you really think he needs one." Well sir, my kid's whole leg and ankle are swollen but maybe we will just risk it and hope we don't end up with staph in the hospital. Anyway, rant over, moving on. :) Needless to say, Dr. Brown will not be receiving a Campbell Holiday Christmas card this year.

For real, at least 15 minutes with this thing haha...
Yep, no big deal Dr. Brown. Thanks for your help.
This is completely normal after getting a mosquito bite, right everyone? I'm such a silly momma, completely overreacting... ;)
Donuts. Because any time you go to the doctor, you get a milkshake or donuts.
So FINALLY everyone, we made it to the BEACH!!! Finally finally finally!! Ahhhh I LOVE the beach. I love the beach so so much, I could spend all day just sitting there listening to the waves... I love the beach so much that I kind of enjoy cleaning the sand out of my car when we get home. I just think it is such a special part of God's creation. Today was a special day though because it was Jude-man's first time at the beach! I love watching babies or toddlers at the beach for the first time... like "what is this gritty stuff, Mom??" and "why does the water keep moving???" He actually did pretty well today, it seems like we may have another beach baby on our hands!!

First steps!

This is why I love traveling... experiencing new things and seeing their faces just light up.

Looking for sea shells. Dad always took us walking up and down the beach looking for shells or shark teeth,  love to see him doing that with my little one too!

Monkey hat for my little monkey.
The nice thing about beach time is that your kids take really great naps haha... I would have loved to stay out longer but my boys are soooo fair skinned. Eek! They would have burnt to a crisp! After we played for a little bit and ate lunch, we came back to the condo for naps and coffee time of course.

Sorry Melissa Hartwig. This is in fact a donut. It's called, "Mommy deserves a donut time."
Bed head.
After the boys' naps, we went to a souvenir shop. Because any time you see a giant shark head as the entrance to a shop, you must go when you have little boys. Jackson thought this thing was awesome. He had been pointing it out every time we drove by it.

After we bought a few pointless items and a really bright t-shirt, we had dinner at he Surfside Sandwich Shop. It was pretty good, really tasty burgers that were HUGE and a variety of things to eat. It was within walking distance from our place so that was nice too! I decided to split the last two days into two posts so come back later for our last day!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Corpus Christi, TX - June 2016: Days 1 & 2

There is a back story to this little trip... A lot of people have probably heard it by now but just in case... 

So we've been planning over a year to take a cruise with my family. We're big cruise people. I think you either love cruises or you hate them, or maybe you're just completely freaked out by them... but we like to be spoiled and we like the thought of sitting by the water all day and then walking over to grab a hamburger whenever we want it. And people make your bed and cut towel animals every day. So we're cruise people. 

Well, my mom is an expert travel agent. I hope to reach her level of expertise one day, I think I'm getting close haha... but anyway, mom likes to inform us of every detail and option, what is going on on what day, what we should pack, what kind of mosquito repellent we need for the Zika virus... the list goes on. My mom has it covered. So she's been working on this trip like for forever. We're all excited. We're pumped. It's coming. We've been shopping and packing and everything else for months. 

And then it happens.

My brother in law, Michael, is attacked by a rogue tuba case. 

I'm not making this up people. It happened. He was working at the band hall, and a tuba case lashed out at him and threw itself upon him. So when he tried to keep it from falling, he dislocated him thumb. And ouch. Oh the horror. Because Michael needs his thumb, he does a lot of things with his thumb. And oh yeah, this happened two days before we were supposed to leave. So Joanna and Michael spent the whole day at the ER, lots of scanning and x raying and popping a thumb back into place without working pain meds... it was a horrible day. And then the realization that poor Michael needs surgery... and can't wait over a week to have it. Because he wants his thumb to work again. 

So needless to say, we canceled our trip (my mom of course had gotten travel insurance) and rescheduled for a later date. But our bags were packed. Jackson knew we were supposed to go somewhere with my parents... so I hopped onto to and found us a cute townhouse to spend a few days in Corpus. So, here we go. :)

Coffee. Duh. 
Ready to go with a new train book! And yes, that is a Minnie Mouse cup that he picked out at Target. 
Afternoon coffee. Of course. Thanks Buccees. P.S.- Did you know that individual creamers at Buccees are free if you use it at the coffee station, but if you want to carry them out the door, you must pay for it. Does that sound weird to anyone else???
Our fearless pilot!
Joanna and Michael got "cruise ready" just for kicks even though they were umm not going on a cruise and actually visiting the hand doctor instead haha..
Pumping gas is complicated...
And apparently a little creepy too...
So I kept telling Joanna that Michael earned "T-Rex" status with this bum arm thing going on... Finally got some pictures out of him...

And we made it! Yes, these two pictures are while we were driving... my Granddad used to do this all the time. He would be driving with his huge VHS tape recorder on his shoulder taking videos of wherever they were going haha... so I snap pictures here and there too sometimes and it makes me think of him.

Here is our cute townhouse before we destroyed it with our stuff everywhere haha... Yes, I take pictures of everything. You probably should know this by now. It was in a great location and had the perfect set up for all of us.

even the bathroom gets a shot... this is a very important place people, you don't want to stay somewhere with a crummy bathroom, now do you?? 

I included this picture because at this point we have been here ten minutes and Jackson gets a mosquito bite. More on that coming later...
This little guy is so good about sleeping in the car. Can't say that for his older brother ever though haha...
We went to a place on the water called Snoopy's for dinner, and then got ice cream at Scoopy's haha... it was yummy!

I love this sweet face :)

This one takes after his momma where ice cream is concerned. Focused...Leave me alone I'm busy.

It's bed time Pa-Pa!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church at Parkway Church of Christ and met up with some good friends for lunch at SeƱor Jaime's!  We spent the afternoon swimming in the condo pool area and then grabbed some pizza for dinner from Brooklyn Pie Co. That place was packed and had delicious pizza!!
This little guy was so tired this morning! Getting some snuggles with Pa-Pa!

Mom... seriously, it has to be nap time by now!

hmm... I think it is time to go SWIM!

Respect the stache yo!

Why else do you have kids except to make them pull you around in the pool hah...

My parents went to scope out the beach while we put the boys to bed.
End of day 2! Next post will be over days 3 and 4!