Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Fonts!

So one of the girls I work with at school told me about this blog/website that will take your handwriting and turn it into a font! I just thought it was cool and that I would share!! Check it out!!

I also have a link to their blog in my blog list. :0)

Weekend in Vidor :0)

So I meant to post these sooner, but you know how that goes... Couple of weekends ago we went to Vidor to visit the fam and to walk with Mom in an Alzheimer's walk. So here are a few pictures of our adventures. :0)

 These pictures are of the alzheimer's walk we did Saturday morning. Mom had a few of her "teacher friends" walk with her too. They raised something like 500 dollars for the cause!

Of course, Jacey had a good time in Vidor too. She wanted so badly to share Dad's ice cream, she got pretty close to getting a taste. :0) She had fun playing with Scout in the backyard, although I think her size intimidated him a little bit. They got along well though.

Also, I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but my dog has this awesome bathtub fetish. She will just run and jump into a bathtub for the pure fun of just doing it I guess. Bathtubs everywhere, watch out!!

This one cracked me up the most.... I was in my mom's room talking about Christmas stuff and was wondering where the sneaky labradoodle went, and this is where we found her... doesn't she look like royalty in this thing??

And someone was happy to be home... :0)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dog booties, folded chips, chicken feet and a Study Bible? Interesting....

So does it every seem like the simplest things turn into being the most difficult? It seems like as I get older, nothing is ever easy anymore. For instance, I went to Petsmart last Friday after I finished with school like at 5:30 to get Jacey some "shoes" to wear at my Mom's house. Mom and Dad got wooden floors put in and we don't want her to scratch them. Well of course after we get done at Petsmart my battery is dead in my car. So once again, Jeff and Bridget come to my rescue to give me a jump. Seriously, they've had to do this like twice already. Bridget has a "just in case" car set that came with this awesome mini cone, so of course Jeff had to set it out while he was working on my car.

Luckily though, Jacob took my car in the next day and it was a bad battery, so they just replaced it with a new one. (I'd only had the battery for about a year...) Well so then I get home with Jacey's new shoes, and of course they don't fit. I had tried one on in the store that was randomly on the shelf, and thinking they were one size fits all because there is NO size marking, I just picked up a set. They're cute, but now I have to take them back.

Of course, when I take them back, they don't have a large, so I get a different kind and those fall off her feet so I have to take those back too. Then I go to PetCo and find some different ones and they have worked out well. She kicks like a bull when you first put them on her, which is hysterical, but then she gets used to them. But really, I mean really... three trips to get shoes??? Why so difficult??? And a dead battery?? 


So, another random thought... is it just me, or are folded chips just more awesome than the flat ones? I don't know about you, but I go for the folded ones first. I don't know why. I really want some chips and green sauce now, that sounds fabulous.

Chicken Feet anyone?? Our 7th graders were exploring tendons and ligaments of the muscular system this week and chicken feet are a great example to show how when you pull on certain tendons, it makes different toes move. :0) Great way to start the morning!!

In other news, I recently got an ESV study Bible. I did a decent amount of research and decided to just go with this one. Obviously you have to take any study Bible with the notion that not every part of it will be accurate, but I liked the way this one was set up better than the others. It was compiled by a group of 95 different Bible scholars. At first, I wasn't crazy about having so many different view points, but other study Bibles I looked at only had one person writing the commentary. (MacAuthur, Ryrie) So I just decided to go with this one. I love the diagrams and and charts that are in it, they organize dates and information really well. (It was also on sale on, less than half the price in the stores! Love that website!) I'll let you know how the Bible works out after I use it for a little while. :0)

One verse that has caught my eye this week, delivered from my sweet husband in an email...probably because he knows I have felt quite "beaten down" lately

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Phil. 4:13

I know that I have not endured the sufferings that other Christians did during the times that Paul wrote this letter, and I do not mean in any way to compare my difficulties with those. I do feel like I haven't stopped since August though, working almost every single night and on weekends. (I would be rolling in the dough if I wasn't on salary!!!) It has been a marathon lately, and I am running on empty. I'm looking forward to having a little break. :0) One more week left!