Sunday, April 14, 2013

Progress :0)

Things have been crazy around here as usual, but we have made some progress with Jackson's room! We ordered a crib from Amazon and furniture from Ikea, and Jacob got everything put together and set up! Jacob's mom is sewing the bedding and my mom and I worked on some decorations over spring break, so hopefully soon all of that will come together! 

My master carpenter :0)
Our Baby Crib


 Some of the fabric we bought for the bedding. We also bought some of the bicycle fabric in the picture below.

Not our official bedding, but it will look something like this. This is the bicycle fabric we found online. I will post pictures of the actual bedding once it's finished!
 The next pictures are a couple of little projects I did over spring break. Still more to come!

Before... one of Granddad's tables

After :0)

My little helper, as always being a little more helpful than needed.

Ottoman for the rocking chair... whenever that comes or gets picked out hehe

We finally finished all of our registering! Whoo hoo!

29 weeks tomorrow... Officially in the third trimester! Home stretch! :0)
Baby J is definitely getting bigger because I sure am! Hope you enjoyed the post!