Sunday, August 28, 2016

Corpus Christi, TX - June 2016: Day 4

We started our last day with some yummy breakfast at JB's German Bakery and Cafe! This place had so many good reviews on Yelp and was super close to our place so it only made sense to stop by on our way out!

Y'all.... Blueberry Streusal ... WAT #sorrywhole30
I love that my oldest is in this "making faces phase" haha... sometimes it drives me crazy when we are trying to take normal pictures but every other time it's pretty entertaining!

Love him.

And these are my children lol...
After breakfast, we drove to the Corpus Christi Aquarium to spend part of the day there before driving back to Houston. This aquarium is one of my favorites, it has so many great exhibits and they are currently expanding too!

I never get tired of toting this one around! Little fox is peaking out there too!

Jellyfish are just plain cool.
I love this shot of my little man. :)
Checking out some sting rays!

I love showing my little man new stuff and exploring the world together :)

"Port Jackson Shark"
Jackson was not wanting to take a picture lol...
My mom has so many pictures of me sitting on my Dad's shoulders just like this when I was little. I love seeing Jackson do the same!

In front of the Lexington!

After we finished at the aquarium, we got in the car and headed home! The drive home wasn't as fun as the drive there but when is it haha?! It was nice to take a few days away, and we were able to reschedule our cruise for later in the year so we are looking forward to that! Hope you enjoyed our trip!

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