Sunday, November 17, 2013

2 Plus 1 Makes 3 :0)

Yet again, months and months have passed since my last post! A lot has changed since my previous posting, I finished out my pregnancy and had our son in June. He is now 4 and a half months old! It has been a wild ride to say the least, with a difficult delivery and blood pressure complications for two months after his birth, and then of course the lovely hormones plus sleep deprivation makes for one crazy momma. Thankfully though I feel more like myself again and am adjusting to my new role as a stay at home mom. Life has been different and much more challenging than I ever could have expected, but I wouldn't change anything. God has truly been working in my life this year, and I am learning more and more how to rely on Him, and seeing each day things in myself I need to improve upon. I am thankful for the "hard stuff" this year, because it is making me a better person for God. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures of our little bruiser, more to come soon hopefully. :0)

Maternity shots by my sister, Joanna Krueger.
Jacey giving Jackson some hugs!
Mass chaos after a week of showers!
Jackson's room, minus the gray rocker. 

The token, "I just had a baby and feel like I got hit by a truck" hospital shot. So tired but so happy and proud.


One month/new born pictures taken by Kelsey Swor.