Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bodacious Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

So since becoming a stay at home mommy, I have turned my focus and energy from a stressful science teaching job to nutrition and cooking (and the obvious focus of umm a baby!). Part of my motivation came from the issues after I delivered my son and I was desperate to feel better again, and part of it is that I need a hobby and focus, and this has been a good one to turn to! It has been interesting how changing parts of my diet has affecting how I feel, now my only issue is to stick to it and be consistent! 

Today I tried out a Pinterest recipe I found online, and just wanted to pass it along to you wonderful people! Here is the link to the blog I found the recipe on… 

They were really easy to make, and didn't use any flour or have any added sugar. You can add nuts or chocolate chips to them, and might even be good with some peanut butter on them. Definitely let them cool for a little while, I'm overeager and didn't wait long enough so it kind of was falling apart! It seems like they will be good left over for breakfast too. Just a thought. Anyway, happy baking y'all!